For You

by Will Hatch

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Tenney mountain highway Never been until today Tenney mountain highway Never felt so far away
Oh Lord 03:05
Oh lord pick me up I need a lord to pick me up Oh lord don’t let me be keep me out of misery Oh lord oh lord pick me up Oh brother if you only knew that I’m just like you Maybe someday we’ll be at peace with our own realities Oh lord oh lord pick me up Somedays I’m low somedays I’m high but all it’s about is getting by If I can only do that I’ll be happy not sad Oh lord oh lord pick me up Oh lord I fell asleep under a tree lord I fell asleep I beg you don’t be mad at me keep me out of misery Oh lord oh lord pick me up
Hank 04:28
Hank you couldn’t finish it And neither can I Little did you know you were taking You’re last ride The people paid good money to see you And little did they know that you had died It was the first of the new year And it would take, it’d take some time They sang don’t you do us like you’ve done before You were drinking and dragging falling out the door You’d be in one town and out the next sleeping on the floor Ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh That Tennessee mountain music Yeah it always hits the spot But these boys down at the bar They were laying it down hot Jack said we got to go 16 hours to make our spot Is there something else? Or is this all I’ve got Chorus Now stop at the doctors I need me a shot I just need some direction I just need the pain to stop Well hank got what he wanted Yeah he got the pain to stop But there was no more music He had given all he got Chorus
Oh Girl 02:30
Oh girl why do you run from me? From Seattle all the way to Tennessee Up north where we warm by the fireside Just me and you girl in my cabin made of pine Well I don’t think you know what I mean When I tell you that I love you and you’re everything to me Cause girl when I catch you I’m gonna put you in my bed And that’s where we’re gonna stay till we’re old and dead Oh girl why do you run from me? Oh girl should I just let you be? Cut them chains from my poor feet Oh girl just let me be If I walked this whole world round I’d see the sun up the in clouds But it wouldn’t be the same to me If I was with you and you with me Chorus
Sad News 03:31
This shit been killing me for so long I hope they remember me when I’m gone All I ever wanted was you But all I ever got was the blues My mother told me to cool it down I wouldn’t listen I was painting the town Nothing I ever did was wrong Except leaving you behind when I’m gone I’m gonna die I am gonna die I’ve been drinking so long my time has come You better wish me luck moving on Wish me luck moving on Maybe I was too foolish to know That you were the one I was looking for But you can’t satisfy the man With a passion for thirst do you understand? I’m sorry to deliver the sad news But I think that it’s far overdue I’ve been wearing the same old shoes I think it’s time I walk somewhere new Chorus
For You 03:58
sometimes i got nothing to say nothing to say i sing the same old songs and the days start to roll by i'm gonna die someday i'll give this one to some girl who don't know how to sing tell it's for you and darlin everything is for you we we could move downtown move all around but what's the use? all all that i need is here in the country can't you see? we'll have lots of children raise em up right show em to love and not how to fight
Ridin' High 04:11
It’s kind of sad how they just lay around Dollar beer and a hand me down Drive round the mountains and you’ll find a town No more work the mills are all shut down Ridin’ high, livin’ low Had lots of choices but got nothing to show Made all the bad decisions got nowhere to go Didn’t lose your faith you let it go May get lost might never be found Was that a gunshot I’m from out of town A 2 x 4, a sin, and a Chevrolet Nobody ever told me what to say Chorus Oh you’re too young to be on the run Oh you’re too young to live under the gun Nobody’s tying a noose around your neck They’re giving you money making sure that you’re fed Don’t do dope read a magazine Maybe it’ll tell you how to keep it clean Chorus Oh you’re too young to be on the run Oh you’re too young to live under the gun
It’s all I can do to stop thinking of you What I thought was fate was a mistake I can’t help but think of you with another Replaced by a stranger somehow It’s all I can do to stop thinking of you Darling our love let me down Yesterday I looked for you face In a crowd at the bar downtown To no surprise I didn’t see those eyes Your beauty I worshipped so long It’s all I can do to stop thinking of you Darling our love let me down Now I can’t share my life with you Singing with red eyes songs about you If things were right I’d spend my whole life Loving no one else but you It’s all I can do to stop thinking of you Darling our love let me down


For You is Will Hatch's debut LP. Recorded and produced by Immanuel the Liberator at Sound-Check Studios in Richmond, Virginia. All songs written by Hatch with Immanuel as co-writer on Tenney and Hank.

Will Hatch - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Arrangements
Immanuel the Liberator - Producer, Engineer, Harmony Vocals, Mandolin, Arrangements
Brian Farquhar - Mixing, Engineer, Harmony vocals
Mike Upchurch - Drums
Todd Matthews – Bass
Don DeWolf – Mandolin, Organ, Piano, Accordion
Susanna Gooch– Harmony vocals
Rachel Velvikis - Harmony vocals, French horn
Justin Cullum- Violin
Eric Seldon Ober – Organ, Piano on Hank
Joseph Ganley– Slide Guitar on Ridin' High
Peter Leavenworth – Pedal Steel Guitar on Oh Girl
Matthew Kuester - Bass on Hank
Mitch Clem - Mastering
Corey Garland Photography - Photos
Scott Heron - Design


released January 13, 2018


all rights reserved



Will Hatch New Hampshire

Will Hatch is a singer-songwriter from Hopkinton, New Hampshire. Spinning spider webs on guitar, he melds forthright lyrics with detailed finger picking. Despite his melancholic introspection, his songs maintain a silver lining. Hatch’s debut LP, For You, was released in 2018. When on the road, he performs solo or with a cast of characters under the guise, Will Hatch & Co. ... more

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